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Six Ways to Make Your House Kids Friendly

Once a couple starts thinking of having kids, the next idea that jumps in mind would be about all the preparations that come with that! Of these preparations, home improvement and re-decoration stands priority; especially when kids start walking. A typical house designed for adults presents many hazards for kids, and is probably not equipped with enough storage space to double as a toy factory.

Below, are six tips any expecting couple can follow to make their love nest more kids friendly:

1- Add extra storage for toys: Before you even know it, kids' toys will be everywhere in the house! On the couches, in the bedrooms, in the kitchen, and in every other imaginable place. This is why we recommend you start planning for some extra storage space for toys.

2- Set up a living room / bedroom play area: You don't want your kids playing next to the oven? Perfect. Then you will probably need a play area. Play areas are better located in the living room or kids' bedroom.

3- Use double duty pieces for more storage: Since there is no doubt that storage space will be needed, as mentioned above, you can use a lot of double duty pieces as storage space. Couches, tables and bed drawers can particularly serve as large storage spaces.

4- Create easy to use closet configurations: Make sure the closets in the house are easy to open, easy to use, and free of any sharp edges. As long as kids are young enough, they should be able to manipulate them comfortably and safely.

5- Lower towel hooks and use one step stools in bathrooms: The bathroom is one of the rooms you will want your kid to learn how to use on his/her own. This is why it is advised that you lower the hook for towels and use one step stools for the sink.

6- Add a children's reading corner: Children love stories, and nothing compliments a play area like a reading corner. Adding a children's reading corner around the play area will not only save you space elsewhere in the house, but will also encourage  your kids to read.