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Never Stop Learning! … Educational Institutions in Ashrafieh

It is important to many families to have their children nearby, even when it comes to their education. This is when Sama Beirut comes to the rescue. The building is located in Ashrafieh, an area full of educational centers for students of all ages. If you have a toddler in the family and you want to start introducing them to the world around them, kindergarten is the answer to your wishes. Kindergarten allows toddlers to make new friends, cope with a schedule, participate in activities, and learn some new skills!

1,2,3...Soleil and Dabous Nursery can help you do that all, while being only minutes away from where you live.

As for kids past the age of 3, school seems like a more suitable option. In Ashrafieh there are more than nine schools that can help you with your kids’ education. Some of these schools include: College Notre Dame de Nazareth, Grand Lycée Franco-Libanais, Annunciation Orthodox School Beirut, Collège de la Sagesse, Greater Beirut Evangelical School, College Des Soeurs Des saints Coeurs, Achrafieh Orthodox - School Collège Saint Grégoire, and Armenian Evangelical Central High School.

On the other hand if your child is having difficulty with his or her school work and needs a bit more reinforcement, then you can resort to etcetera. Etcetera is a tutoring center with a branch in Ashrafieh. The center can help your child in developing their skills and in doing better in their school and homework. The center also has a section for special education that helps children with certain learning disabilities like ADHD, dyslexia, and high-functioning autism spectrum disorder.

Your child can also experience learning while having fun at places like The Little Engineer or Kinderhouse Family Learning and Fun Center. The former features summer camps, classes on robotics and renewable energy, and scientific workshops, while the latter features Japanese mental math classes as well as kindermusic classes (only in winter).

If your kid happens to be musically gifted or if he or she wants to learn how to play a musical instrument, you can head over to the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music that offers classes in singing, playing instruments, and music theory.

As for teenagers who just graduated from school and are heading to university, USJ or AUST might be the way to go. USJ is a walking distance from Sama Beirut while AUST is only minutes away by car. Moreover, the former university offers its courses in French while the latter offers its courses in English. Hence, language is not a barrier when it comes to choosing a higher learning institution nearby. Even if you are considering pursuing a graduate or postgraduate degree, these 2 universities can help you spend your time efficiently on your studies, work, and family instead of having it be wasted in the car as you commute to and from a university farther away.