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Morning Routine : 4 Mobile Apps to help you kick start your day

Wake up call to you all: Everyone should have an inspiring “morning routine” to begin their day in a conscious, thoughtful way.

A routine is a set of actions regularly followed. When applied in the morning, it can help you feel good, be more productive… In a nutshell, it can help you make the best out of your day.

Yet, many of us don’t apply any morning routine. (Apart from shuffling their way from their bed to the coffee pot of course).

By the way, 80% of smartphone users check their phone within minutes after waking up. What does this have to do with a morning routine you ask? Well, why not use this habit to actually take your mornings back? 

We found four mobile apps that could help you start your day in the most efficient and energetic way.

The 7-minute morning routine (free on AppStore)
“A conscious morning, a conscious day” they say in the introduction of this free app, while adding that the fastest way to creating a habit is to start small. This App takes you through six essential steps to start your morning in a thoughtful way.
We love the inspiring design of the App and the practical aspect of the 6 habits, from sitting straight for 30 seconds before you get out of bed (it’s all about body language…), to journaling your dreams and making your bed before heading to work.

Morning Routine: Daily Habits Tracker (1,99 USD on AppStore)
According to the author of this App, there are three ways to change behavior: have an epiphany, change your environment, and take baby steps. The App Morning Routine: Daily Habits Tracker is precisely inviting you to take one step at a time. It lets you create your own daily activities, set a specific time for each of them and manage your new habits the best way.

Swiftime (free on AppStore)
While much simpler, this App is lovely. It offers you 12 soothing alarm sounds, and gives you also the possibility to activate one of your favorite songs. Then, you get ready while looking at weather info and tips on what to wear.

The Miracle Routine (free on AppStore)
“Are you ready to take your life to the next level using a Miracle Routine”? This is the first (very ambitious) question this App will ask you. Should you press “Yes”, The Miracle Routine will take you through the usual steps of “Silence”, “Affirmations”, “visualization” : “Imagine yourself living the life of your dreams,” they say. What is it like, by the way? Go create it!

In the meantime, have a beautiful day.