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Landscapes can change your life

Our world has become a huge network linked through social media and technologies.

In our time, enjoying greeneries and landscaped areas are only possible if we live outside the Capital or during planned nature breaks weekends, camping trips, or a vacation destination that helps us get out of noisy cities and hectic work.

Based on this need to breathe and lighten up, Sama Beirut’s architects thought about the importance of implementing considerable greeneries within this modern 50 floors tower. In fact, the 5,220m² of Land encompasses 4,000m² of landscaped areas equipped with enjoyable lighting and fountains, while the tower itself takes up only 1,050m² of footprint. The team behind the project studied the impact they would leave on the surrounding community.

On a psychological level, landscapes and gardens are known for mood changing, by relieving stress and creating a serene state of mind.

By owning an office in Sama Beirut, occupants would definitely be excited to go to work, to have coffee breaks around the fountains and the greeneries, or simply enjoy the view from the tower, thus achieving a higher performance, although being in the center of Beirut.

As for residents, they would definitely enjoy life within the City, in a tower surrounded by this soothing feeling of living in a calm area.

Think about it that way: Couples’ relationships would not be harmed by the stress of a daily life in a jammed city. On the contrary, they would spend beautiful evenings enjoying moments and conversations around the tower.

Kids would score higher performances at school, surrounded by a safe and healthy environment.

Serenity in the city is now a rare element in our lives; however, serenity is within our daily routine in Sama Beirut.