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The health benefits of Yoga

The origins of yoga date back to about 5,000 years ago in the Indus Valley, where drawings and murals of yoga poses have been found on ancient ruins.


Yoga is not just for increased flexibility. It’s about connecting exercise, breathing, and meditation to achieve physical harmony. The exercises are meant to target the body’s glandular system, thus improving health. How exactly?

It is not only a stress reliever, but it helps boost your body’s immunity, making migraines less painful over time, boosts (ahem) sexual performance, and can help you sleep better at night.

Hungry all the time? Yoga can even help fight those pesky cravings for junk food.

An article in the, said that, “by causing breath awareness, regular yoga practice strengthens the mind-body connection…The awareness can help you tune in to emotions involved with certain cravings,” as well as help reduce certain pains, reduce risk factors for heart disease and high blood pressure, and alleviate your stress and anxiety.

Check out your local yoga center. The closest to Sama is the Beirut Yoga Center in Sodeco. Take a class and see if you get hooked for a better, healthier lifestyle. Namaste.