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Dolce & Gabbana introduces its first skincare collection

Dolce and Gabbana has expanded its line of beauty products to include skincare. Following its previous success with P&G Prestige for its bestselling makeup collection and fragrances, the brand will continue to work with this corporation. 

Brilliant concoctions made up of Italian olive oil, gold silk sericin, and vitamin B3 promise rejuvenation, smoother skin, and the brightest complexion. 

With the Aurealux range consisting of five products- a skin-firming cream, an eye gel, a moisturizing mask, a serum to enhance the skin’s radiance, and an essence formulated to brighten the complexion- this new line is highly concentrated in Gold Flavo-Silk Tricomplex and pairs perfectly with the brand’s already famous makeup collection.  

Dr Samantha Bunting, the renowned dermatologist and this brand’s ambassador, claims that the new line has “clout and credibility.”  "There's an elegance to how the products have been formulated - it's the marriage of the designers' vision with the scientific know-how of the P&G prestige labs. The textures are fantastic, it has plausible and realistic claims and it's a comprehensive and cohesive line.”