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6 Things you must do before summer ends

Summer is knocking at your door, and holds baggage containing many awesome and cool plans.

In summer, education institutes are closed, the climate is pleasantly warm, beaches and swimming pools are accessible and exquisite summer drinks are revitalizing… Everybody loves summer but unfortunately many end up doing the same, old, dull and lifeless stuff.

Why not spend this season a little differently? Here are some nice things to do before the summer ends.

Have a picnic

This might sound a little primitive but can still be a lot of fun. Pack a delicious basket of your favorite foods, snacks and beverages, gather your friends and loved ones, and find yourself a shaded spot with a flat grassy terrain. Make sure you don’t forget your music and a mat to protect you against insects, thorns and prickles.

Disconnect from your virtual world and connect with Nature and friends

We spend so much time on the internet and some of us are always on their phones even when we’re outdoors or with friends and company. Make sure you experience life in-person this summer and not through the internet. Go out with your friends, connect with them and enjoy different activities like hiking and camping.

Get in contact with water

Hit the waters and enjoy your time with your family, friends and loved ones. Visit a pool, a beach, a lake, a waterpark or other water bodies. Go on a fishing trip or enjoy a boat ride. Improve your mood, clear your mind and make sure you don’t sit under the sun for long periods of time without appropriate skin and head protection.

Seek Adrenaline rush!

The possibilities are endless and you have a whole summer ahead of you to try new things, activities and most importantly, don’t be scared. Go somewhere you’ve never been before and be part of a road trip. Try skydiving, bungee jumping, Paragliding and rent a jet ski. Have an adventure and make sure to add a photo album to your list of cherished memories.

Plant a garden

This natural process in addition to your commitment and efforts will benefit you a great deal. Not being afraid to get your hands dirty with soil and mother earth will sprout in you a rich connection with the land you stand on. You have three months ahead of you to design, plant and decorate your own garden, and when the summer is over, you will be able to reap what you sow.

Gaze upon a sunrise and a sunset

What other way to enjoy and appreciate the simplest, most dazzling and sensational act of nature. Find a spot with a panoramic, unobstructed view and watch the sun float along its course of movement. No matter on what screen you view the sunrise or sunset, watching it live will always steal your breath away and will always be worth it.