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Six Reasons why SAMA BEIRUT is the Perfect Beirut Home

Home! Home is that place where you should be feeling the most comfortable. It is where you can be “you”; away from the eyes of the world.


But what if we told you that you can be comfortable in too many ways; all while being able to watch Beirut city from above and stay amidst it all at once?


We’ve previously told you why is it perfect to host your business offices at SAMA BEIRUT. Today, we are sharing with you reasons why a SAMA BEIRUT apartment can become also your dream home!


  1. What is a luxurious home without a luxurious view? And what is more luxurious than living high, where you can have a 360 degrees view of Lebanon while being in the center if its City? SAMA BEIRUT offers you the luxurious house, and the most beautiful perspectives along with it!


  1. At SAMA BEIRUT, you will be living within a tower that also provides you with access to offices and retail spaces; should you ever decide to work near home! A plus, very few projects can offer!


  1. SAMA BEIRUT is located in Ashrafieh-Sodeco! Two minutes away from all the leisure Beirut provides; you will never be bored again!


  1. The private tower life is a new experience to Beirut city and the Lebanese landscape in general; which only SAMA BEIRUT can provide at this level of high end and luxury. A real tower way of living


  1. Traffic problems? Parking problems? Never again! Just like the business spaces, SAMA BEIRUT solves these issues for the residents “and” their guests; through a huge parking facility and its centrality of location.


  1. Worried about privacy? SAMA BEIRUT’s design completely separates businesses from residential solutions; through separate entrances, elevators and pathways. The tower provides its residents with accesses to everything, all while preserving the ultimate privacy.


  1. Moreover, SAMA BEIRUT is also led certified! It is one of the projects that pioneer the green realm and install an environmentally friendly hub in the middle of the capital.


  1. Finally, from a classical point of view, and when it comes to amenities; SAMA BEIRUT doesn’t leave any room for questions! With 4000m2 of landscape areas, 700 parking spots, a leisure club of 1000 m2 , storage rooms, and a drivers’ room; SAMA BEIRUT truly got it fully covered!


For more information about our residential solutions, or to schedule a visit to the show flat; please call Prime Consult: 01 – 332 300 or 03 – 259 009