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SAMA BEIRUT at the Heart of the Shopping Scene

We are living in an era where style and lifestyle are everything. In effect, people, especially ladies, are more than ever focused on their fashion shopping and luxury lifestyle choices.

Beirut, our beautiful city, happens to be one of the Middle Easts' primary shopping locations, due to the abundance of brands and the generosity of the design atmosphere, providing choices ranging from the local talent, up to the international brands and their flagship boutiques at the heart of the capital.

And the great news is: SAMA BEIRUT is amidst it all!

The tower is amazingly positioned in the middle of Beirut's vibrant shopping scene, and its team would love to redirect you to places minutes from SAMA BEIRUT - where you can get your retail therapy fix:

-To the left, you have Achrafieh: Needless to say, a host of concept boutiques and the all-famous ABC there, welcomes everyone with a flair for high street fashion and all-day entertainment.

-To the west, you have our famous Beirut Downtown! For the luxury addict, the central district offers you your fix of Chanel, Rolex, Hermes, and an endless list of bespoke luxury brands to satisfy shopping cravings.

-To the south, you can always take a small trip to Verdun, a beauty destination where famous hairstylists and makeup artists offer their services in luxurious spas. This area also features many concept boutiques where you can find the brands that are not covered by major retailers.

-All around SAMA BEIRUT, you can also find many new and established Lebanese designers' workshops, ready to welcome you any day, to offer you customized options.

-Backstreets in the SAMA BEIRUT area, also feature many outlets where you can grab some of your favorite brands at bargain prices!!

-Tired of shopping? SAMA BEIRUT  is also located amidst a prime area of entertainment! Down the street you can find endless choices of Lebanese, international and chain restaurants , as well as coffee shops; all ranging from street to gourmet.

SAMA BEIRUT not only watches over Beirut, but also occupies its most vibrant center!!