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How green is Beirut?

The future is cool to think about and everything, but before we get to flying cars and jetpacks, we should probably improve a few things at home.

Modern day urban planning is no longer just about the buildings. Cities need more friendly parks and outdoor space to compensate for the lack of indoor spaces. There has to be a very healthy balance between what we call the public realm and the private realm. Without big windows and sufficient green space nearby, residents may feel constrained within their apartments.

Modern apartments should be designed to make city living more streamlined, comfortable, and super stylish.

Sama Beirut was designed with all of the issues of urban living in mind.

The most important aspect that the building did not fail to address is Beirut’s dire need for Green space.

Besides green spaces are a great benefit to our environment. They filter pollutants and dust from the air, they provide shade and lower temperatures in urban areas, and they even reduce erosion of soil into our waterways. These are just a few of the environmental benefits that green spaces provide.

Sama Beirut public areas currently encompass 4000m2 of its 5000m2 space. These spaces are built to promote the green spaces around the building and in the city.

All of this serves to remind us of how cities are home to more than just people. We also need to accommodate the critters and plants that live in them. This includes the species that called our cities home before we did.

So more importantly, when can we move in?