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Happy New Year From Above

In the tower... Everything has a view from above: New Year's Eve too, has its own "view from above".

It's the 31st of December already. Beirut lights are announcing the new year in every street, music from shops sounds cheerful and happy, and the classical traffic of people doing their last minute shopping becomes a part of the shiny landscape.

You are up there, watching Beirut from one of its highest spots; while it welcomes the new year dawning upon it. Homes, offices, streets, shops and even cars, somehow look busier, but happier.

You are up there, witnessing a joyous city of tolerance and coexistence , celebrating that time of the year that adds a layer of happiness and hope to everything.

The difference is... You can see it all at once, the big picture is all yours, you are one of the few people overseeing all of the beautiful capital on the last day of the year!! Within a few hours, you will be able to see fireworks all around the city, through your 360 degrees unparalleled lens.

You are up there, and if you wait long enough, you might catch a shooting star ... Sometime around midnight!!

Happy New Year from SAMA Beirut!