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Embracing Beirut

The concept: putting dreams into golden reality

Living at the core of Beirut brings back every dreamer to their roots. Combining luxury with tranquility, Sama Beirut incarnates the ultimate reverie and way of living at the same time. This tallest tower in Lebanon dares to touch the skies, but yet, is fully grounded in the heart of Lebanon. It beats with dynamism and positive vibes. Whoever seeks comfort and luxury only have one unique address: Sama Beirut. What’s more, it crowns the city of lights and offers its visitors a royal panorama and a unique view.

The eye in the sky: watching over Beirut

With its 360 panoramic view, Sama Beirut tops Lebanon from Mount Lebanon and Jounieh bay to Beirut port and Central District. It also has an eye on the whole capital. From old buildings to new restorations, from traditional merchants to new malls, Beirut taps nonstop with dynamic rhythm and celebrating mood. Sama Beirut has the privilege to watch over Beirut… Each and every scenery, smell, taste, warmth, and coldness are witnessed from above… ‘The eye in the sky.’

Witnessing History… and looking ahead

New challenges are on the rise, everyday, in the city of light. Beirut has seen it all… From the golden age to the civil war, and beyond. It knew death and life after death. Some of its constructions still bear the scars of wars. They are the living proof that Beirut made it throughout the years and tears. Beirut has challenged each and everyone’s fears of death and is still, more than ever, vibrantly alive. Not only did the city overcome the scars of yesterday and moved on. It has also moved forward, building the dreams of tomorrow, keeping up with a new architectural era in the region and around the world.

Sama Beirut follows international tendencies and adopts an organized interior transmission with an up-to-the-minute home technologies. Luxury and comfort stand tall side by side, moving Beirut up to international tendencies.

The hyphen between Beirut and the skies

The 5220m² are an assortment of high tower and greens enriched by lighting and a glass façade. The 50 floors tower, developed with concrete and reinforcement steel includes six technical floors. Offices occupy the 2nd to the 13th floors and residential flats 14th to 50th.

However, Sama Beirut is much more than a high-tech tower with recreational spaces. It is an ode to Beirut’s space. The ultimate dream of the future granting the past a bow. The new era of design, architecture, vision, and luxurious comfort deeply embedded in Beirut’s soul and anchored in its mud roots.

Sama Beirut is the hyphen between Beirut and the skies. It is born from the past glory and wounds and developed in a qualitative indoor environment. It links the human soul and soil to daily perfection aspects, aspiring for luxury and modern architecture and inspiring residences with Beirut’s view, sunset, and sunrise, day after day, and until the beginning of times.