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Are you ready for the tower lifestyle?

Since our youth, stories of towers are associated with tales of princes rescuing the imprisoned princesses and living happily ever after. Towers were mentioned as well in war times, as means of defense and impregnable fortresses. 

In old ages, towers were also built as temples for worshiping, to get away from the worldly matters, inconvenience and noise, and try to reach the heights of absolute tranquility and comfort.

With the passing of time and the cultural and urban sprawl, the congestion of our globe, the increasing of population relative to the land area, and the associated problems, we tended to face this issue in the same method as we were in past times. We worked on construction longitudinally to accommodate population and to benefit from the lands.

The construction of towers brings economic benefits too: They distinct their countries, attract tourists, strengthening national income.

Let’s not forget the role of technological and industrial progress in the field of construction and architecture to shape the structure and form of towers. We have now towers that achieve world records and are featured internationally for their uniqueness.

Following the modernity of our age, building towers and equipping them are based upon the concept of keeping up with the living needs and the business requirements. 

In today’s world, balancing work and personal lives has become essential. We must achieve a balance equation to ensure continuity. In this context, towers are built as per the latest construction standards, and safety. They are developed in accordance with the environmental and green systems characteristics. At the same time, living and/or working in high rise buildings has the advantages of enjoying nearby shops, restaurants, and various service providers to meet all the daily needs of the owners.

Regardless of the needs that drive us to live in towers, we are mentally interdependent with what has been cultivated in our youth and with the stories we grew up listening to. We live in towers to reach statuses of happiness, victory, absolute tranquility, and comfort.

Thereupon, are you ready for the tower lifestyle?