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7 Smart Tactics to Avoid Traffic In Beirut

Well we love Beirut! But it is definitely one city where traffic is a serious problem for residents and incomers alike. 


Getting out at the wrong time, or getting caught in the wrong street during the daily rush hours; could mean spending double the time in traffic. Needless to say, this time triples during holidays and the summer season!


Below in this article, we gathered 7 tactics you can use to avoid traffic in Beirut:


  1. Schedule your meetings late on Mondays, so you can avoid the Monday morning rush!


  1. Plan for a few extra hours of work on a Friday, so you do not get caught in the 5 to 8 pm deadly traffic, leaving Beirut.


  1. Do your holidays (Christmas, Easter, New Year, Ramadan…) shopping early. The shopping traffic in B-City is not to be underestimated.


  1. Hit the beach early during summer, mid-day onwards in the classic time for driving towards beach and both the Southern & Northern highways become crowded.


  1. Learn all the alternative roads and small detours; especially around Hamra, Achrafieh and Downtown Beirut.


  1. Avoid being on the road during these specific times of the weekdays: 7 to 9 am; 1 to 2 pm and  5 to 7 pm!


  1. Relocate to a very strategic centrally located house or office; such as SAMA BEIRUT, which is 5 minutes from all the vital areas of Beirut!!


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No traffic, no problem!!