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You’re never too old for handmade gifts to your Mom!

There is no doubt that we should live Mother’s day every day, and show our mom all the love! However, on March 21, during this special day dedicated to the person who offers us unconditional pure love and spent sleepless nights to raise us, showing her that you care is priceless. For the critics who consider Mother’s day to be a commercial day, we can prove you wrong. Mothers are so kindhearted that they don’t expect an expensive gift to be happy. Sometimes a simple gesture, a handmade present can fill her with happiness.

Who said that only kids think about cute gifts, like drawings or letters to their moms on Mother’s day? No matter how old we are, we’re still kids in the eyes of our dear mother. A gift that we made, and took time to achieve, means much more to her than going out for dinner in a fancy restaurant or offering her a golden necklace.

Let’s not forget the flowers! Although seen as a cliché gift, they are not to be missed, they symbolize nature, Mother Earth, and moms usually like them.

Now let’s go to the fun part! Here is a list of top 5 handmade gifts that would draw a big smile on your mom’s face, without spending a penny! When you hesitate to offer her this kind of gifts, never think “I’m too old for this, Mom will surely laugh at me!” On the contrary, she will be so amazed that you took time off your hectic day and busy schedule to think of something unusual for her, you went for the hard and creative way, not for the stereotypes we see every year in the stores.

Storytelling in an album of photos:

Share your best moments with your mom in a beautiful album of pictures, where you can write under each one of them what is so special about that day or moment. Create a book of her favorite story: Her kids!

Drawing a special memory

If you find it hard to express yourself with words, and your drawings are better than your writings, you can simply draw your best memory shared with your mom; it will mean the world to her. She will surely hang it in her room and remember that day every night.

Writing a personalized letter

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to impress your mom, as long as the words come from the heart, you make her happy. Don’t search for online special quotes, just write what comes to your mind and design it with special drawings or family pictures. She will definitely read it every night.

Cooking dinner

For once, exchange the roles and spend time in the kitchen, reveal your cooking talents to your mom, and if you don’t have any, you can always find easy-to-do recipes. Show her that despite your busy day at work, you cooked her a delicious dinner and took care of her. Her reaction will be priceless.

Offering photo-printed items

You can pick a family photo she loves, and print it on an item she always carries with her, or that can be placed in her room, the kitchen or at her office, so that she always remembers this special moment and smiles when feeling down.

To wrap it up beautifully, don’t forget the four magical words: “Mom, I love you.”