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Shoes are made for walking

But some shoes are made for showing off! Not just autographed by Michael Jordan, these Air Jordan Silver shoes are literally made from silver and valued at just about $60,000. 

Louboutin has nothing on these one-of-a-kind shoes from Stuart Weitzman. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, whether it’s jewelry or on a pair of shoes. Here are a few pairs of the most expensive shoes in the world. 

Stuart Weitzman’s Platinum Guild Stilettos pair perfectly well with both a casual and formal outfit. These stilettos consist of 464 pear-shaped and round Kwiat diamonds that are removable for a less formal feel. This pair is priced at $1.9 million. 

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Stuart Weitzman pulled inspiration from the 1940s to create a $1 million product called Retro Rose Pumps, with 1,800 Kwiat diamonds equaling 100 carats. 

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The Diamond Dream Stilettos weigh in at 30 carats, encrusted with 1,400 diamonds. At a price of just $500,000, why wouldn’t you purchase these dream shoes? 

If you want something more affordable, Weitzman’s collections are valued at $300 and the price increases from there. Although not as pricy as these shoes above, they are still made with the same love and care and are unique and usually a conversation piece for any occasion.