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The San Lorenzo SL96 Yacht is a beauty

There’s a new piece of work taking over the seas and it’s one of the newest members of the San Lorenzo Yacht family. The SL96 won "Superyacht of the Year" at its first yacht show appearance during the Genoa International Boat Show in 2011, and has since won four additional international awards. 

This award-winning yacht has a very innovative and adaptable layout. With its customizable options, potential owners are given the opportunity to choose an interior that best reflects their sense of style, taste, and individuality. Do you prefer an entertainment room to a fancy living room? Would you rather embrace the nautical atmosphere or go wild with vibrant colors for a livelier cruise? There’s a small chance two of these will look alike in terms of interior design.

It’s a vision all on its own. While it may be a beauty from the outside, the interior boasts several amenities that perfect it. The lower deck includes four suites where up to eight guests can fit comfortably, a luxurious master bedroom, a large VIP suite, twin-berth staterooms, and three private restrooms. The pilothouse is large enough to ensure your captain is comfortable and satisfied. Talk about smooth sailing!

Luxury insider reports that the well-crafted lower deck is spacey enough to fit a large tender boat and two jet skis. The entertainment doesn’t stop there!

Additionally, the fly bridge, dedicated to enjoying the sea, sunset, and cool breeze, includes a Jacuzzi and plenty of lounging space, a dining table, wide-screen TV and Teppanyaki cooking station. 

If this isn’t one of the most luxurious things to be seen at sea, we don’t know what is!