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Not so fashionable jewelry statements

Jewelry is meant to adorn your body, to complement your outfit as well as your skin. However, some people take jewelry and make it do the complete opposite.

Some people wear too much, others wear jewelry without regard to sizing or color or material. Earrings? Too large for your face, too heavy for your poor earlobes. And shall we even mention those who wear dirty jewelry stained with hairspray, perfume or just dirty or rusted?

If you thought taxidermy was creepy, did you know they made jewelry out of dead things too? Including rings made of teeth, and real dead bird heads on a chain and call it a necklace?

Celebrities usually have a beautiful piece made by the most brilliant of designers however some are just experimental and downright wrong. How about Nicki Minaj’s gaudy ice cream cone necklace or Lady Gaga’s arm band shoulder gun ?...

And for those who love to have custom made designs…read this story from Natalie Barney Jewelry:

“I was once asked to custom-create a pair of earrings and matching pendant using the customer’s own gallbladder stones that she had ‘retrieved’, and lovingly cherished, for a 50th birthday present to herself. Hard to fathom I know, but I even have the pictures to prove it! Needless to say, we’ve never had any request to top this one since.”

Whatever statement you make, let it be a good one, and please… just please… don’t follow these trends.