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Latest fashion trends for summer 2014

Summer is almost here and you’ll want to look your best from the beach to your favorite restaurant! Here are the fashion trends to follow. Color Solutions International introduced the summer colors as warm tones, natural tones and cool tones. The warm tones being yellows, reds and oranges. The cool tones ranging from yellow, lime green to hues of blue. Finally, neutral/earthy tones from grey to brown and white. If you like soft tones, go for pastel colors and off-white and crème.  

Elle Magazine says crop tops have been making appearances across the universe, and this summer will be a staple so you can really sport your midriff. Also sheer details, lots of fringe detailing and strong silhouettes.

From sporty to dressy, sheer fabrics will show your curves and those parts you love to show off… we’re talking about bellies and shoulders of course.

If you were hoping to never again see the wide-leg pant trend again, you will be disappointed to know it’s back and all in virginal white. Wear with a black shirt for evening, or any color shirt for daytime. If you really want to look the part, wear white on white.

Black and white prints are a major trend this season. We’re seeing lots of geometric patterns, triangles, circles, and squares. You don’t have to be a math genius to appreciate these patterns on dresses, pants or shirts! Also, don’t be afraid to mix patterns: for example, leggings and a trench.

Fringe isn’t just for cowboys or home furnishings. If you must participate in this trend, look for delicate fringe, not chunky or too “full”… it’s all about the art of minimalism here.

Whatever you wear, don’t try these trends: including over-fake-tanned orang-y skin that makes you look like an orangutan instead of a human. Go for a sun-kissed look, light brown. Also, if you like bows, why put a big one on your head? Wear a studded tiara or just a thin and delicate looking headband instead.

And don’t forget: Luxury sneakers are a major high fashion trend for this summer, like we told you in this article. People are paying more than $300 for the fanciest kicks from top fashion labels like Dior, Chanel and Lanvin.