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Feeling guilty while savoring your croissant? Read this!

Sama Beirut is surrounded by so many bakeries… It’s difficult to resist the temptation of a French croissant in the morning.

By the way, when you enjoy a croissant, do you feel a hint of guilt?... Good news: you shouldn’t. Here are 3 reasons why.

1 - Because it’s full of useful nutrients

“A croissant a day keeps the doctor away”… Well, maybe not.
However, did you know that croissants contain selenium and iron? For your info, Selenium helps support muscle cell metabolism, aids in new cell growth and maintains the health of your thyroid gland, while iron boosts red blood cell production to promote healthy circulation.
Croissants also contains a lot of vitamins: B-complex Vitamin (Folate and Niacin), as well as Vitamins A and B5. On the one hand, Niacin helps you derive energy from nutrients in your diet. It also help lower cholesterol. On the other hand, Folate helps you metabolize proteins. Vitamins B-5 promotes nerve communication and supports your metabolism. Vitamin A supports cell growth as well as your immune system.

2 - Because it’s made with butter, much healthier than margarine

Original croissants are made with butter, not margarine. Butter is healthier than margarine for several reasons. First of all, it’s a completely natural food. It contains many good nutrients: it is rich in the most easily absorbable form of Vitamin A necessary for thyroid and adrenal health; It contains in lecithin, essential for cholesterol metabolism. It also contains anti-oxidants that protect against free radical damage.
We stop here; but feel free to check the complete list of butter’s nutrients by clicking here

3 - Because it makes you beautiful (Yes, it does!)

We want to share with you a paragraph of an article published on
In this article, the author explains that she used to be obsessed about eating healthy, low-calorie food. Then she travelled to Europe for one month. Every single morning of her journey, she would have a chocolate croissant. Here is what she has to say about this tasty experience:

In the month I ate chocolate croissant after chocolate croissant, I received more compliments than I had in the past year. Have you ever heard the idea that people are the most beautiful when they smile? I was carefree and happy, and that made my appearance, my image, beautiful.