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Travel The World's Most Exotic Destinations

Since SAMA BEIRUT loves travel and exploring, the team will be presenting you a series of posts dedicated to the most coveted destinations of 2017.

2017 is the year for travel, but classic destinations have already been over-visited and shared! In this post, we will suggest different destinations that could be very appealing to the exotic traveler, quoted by the world’s most recognized travelers/writers.


Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Brazil waived the visa requirements during the last Olympics, which encouraged people to visit the faraway spots of the country. The tourism board might bring back the waiver, and if you’re planning to take advantage before they do, save time to visit Angra dos Reis, between Rio and São Paulo. This breathtaking area is where people go to escape the crowds. It is where the country’s elite own estate and villas. You too can have access to several of these glamorous rentals. Big changes are coming to the region. In May, Brazilian chain Fasano will open a long-awaited 54-suite hotel in a complex that includes a marina, golf course, restaurants, and a spa. The design is very dreamy, with elevated wooden buildings that look like they’re floating, with open-air terraces and views of the forest and sea. The government is willing to invest an extra 8 billion USD on the island, and might soon have to restrict the daily number of visitors. 


Belfast, Northern Ireland

With a growing array of touristic venues (like open-air bars, arts venues, and restaurants), Belfast is quickly becoming an attractive destination for unconventional travelers. You can stay at the artistically designed Bullitt Hotel, which opened last October with casual, well-appointed rooms and complimentary grab-and-go breakfast granola!! You can as well check out arts organizations that run street-art tours and hosts pop-up cabarets around the city all year round. The Michelin-starred restaurants Ox and Eipic lead the fine-dining pack, but also visit the Permit Room famous for its international breakfast and locally roasted coffee. The nightlife is particularly worthy of lengthy visits as it provides a combination of old and new venues, and renovated dark era venues.


Belgrade, Serbia

Since the end of the last Yugoslav wars, Belgrade has been at the heart of the touristic investment scene.  The bars and restaurants’ neighborhood in it is famous for being covered in graffiti. Besides a limitless international restaurants choice, the city is growing a massive craft-beer scene! There are over 37 beer breweries in Belgrade alone!!! Don’t miss the Kabinet Supernova IPA at Prohibicija in the bar-filled Savamala district, as well as Kas’s full-bodied pale ales and Salto’s IPA at Bajloni, set in a 100-year-old brewery space in Cetinjska. 



After being hit by the financial crisis, Bermuda is today picking itself up again and going into touristic investments. In 2014, the island won the right to organize the American sailing race; which is one of the most prestigious races taking place this year. The promise of a flood of wealthy visitors and less restrictions on foreign investment, has sparked a spate of fast development. Least to say, over 5 global luxury chains of hotels have already been completed and are ready to operate. Elsewhere on the island, a St. Regis, a lavish Ritz-Carlton Reserve, and the Ariel Sands resort (backed by actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones) are in the works. 


Cambodian Coast

Cambodia is, to most of us, a poor previously war ridden country. But currently peaceful Cambodia has some of Southeast Asia’s most stunning islands. However, reaching them had always been hard (a flight to Phnom Penh, a four-hour drive, then a choppy ferry ride). Luckily, there are now direct flights into the coastal Sihanoukville airport via Ho Chi Minh City. That means a much smoother journey to the newest island escapes. Krabey Island host the wellness resort Six Sense, and Alila eco-resort is hosted on Koh Russey. Cuisine in those places is divided between international, French and of course Khmer. And if you want to spend some time in the capital of Phnom Penh before or after your island vacation, you can do that in style as well: Rosewood has announced plans to open there in early 2017. 


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-Credits for travel information go to Stephanie Wu, Paola Singer, Govind Dhar, and Nell McShane Wulfhart-