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Iconic, luxury towers in the world

They’re tall, they’re beautiful and they trigger controversy sometimes. Here are some of the most impressive towers in the world.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

The sail-shaped Hotel is Dubai’s classic symbol of Luxury. It is often called “The world’s only 7 star Hotel” having in fact the highest possible rate of 5 stars. Burj Al Arab with its 321 meters height is the third tallest hotel in the world. Designed by architect Tom Wright, the building is located on an artificial island and provides guests with extensive Spa programs and many restaurants, often offering a panorama view. The hotel also supplies its visitors with expensive BMW cars coming along with their own chauffeur if desired.

A stay in one of the building’s several suites, all equipped with a King-size-bed and a whirlpool, costs at least 1250 US Dollar per night. The most Luxury is offered by the Royal Suite, priced at more than 18 000 US Dollar per night.

432 Park Avenue

The newly built tower located in New York’s Park Avenue looks like a matchstick visibly marking the city’s skyline. The complex is the third highest tower in the US and one of the highest apartment buildings in the whole world. Measuring 420 meters it’s even taller than the Empire State Building and the new World Trade Center. The tower, designed by Rafael Vinloy, houses 104 luxurious apartments; the most expensive one costing 95 Million Dollars with its own library, six beds and seven bathrooms. All apartments will have 3.7 meter high ceilings and residents are provided with golf training facilities, private dining and screening rooms inside the building.

Since many people are afraid it will raise the price for real estate in Manhattan and will make the city too expensive to live in, the skyscraper is not very popular among the New Yorkers.

Shanghai Tower

Standing in the neighborhood of huge Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center it is this new building, measuring 632 meters, that is the tallest in China these days.

Its opening is planned for this year. The skyscraper twists upwards and has a glass façade. On the Shanghai Tower’s 133 floors plenty of offices, exhibition halls and a luxurious hotel will open up soon. The high tiers provide visitors with a 360-degree view over the city. The ground floor will be hosting a huge shopping mall.  Also the tower will be offering garden halls along with other relaxing rooms for visitors and workers.


Burj Khalifa

With its 828 meters height, this skyscraper, located in Dubai, is the tallest building on earth. On clear days you can still see the top of the tower from a distance of one hundred kilometers. On the ground floor the first ever Armani-Hotel opened its doors to guests. The upper tiers are used as offices, private apartments and as a huge Spa area.

On floor 122, the highest restaurant in the whole world, the “Atmosphere”, supplies guests with exquisite food. The fastest elevator in the building needs only 55 seconds to go up 500 meters. The building owns two ATMs for Gold. Still, until today most of the 900 apartments are empty even though their prices were reduced by 40 percent from the original price only ten months after opening in 2010.


Tour Odéon

Monaco’s luxury skyscraper, designed by Alexander Giraldi, was completed in 2014. It is the second tallest building on Europe's Mediterranean coast having, according to its own reviews, the highest price per square meter in the whole world. Within the two towers of the building about 70 luxury residences for wealthy fans of the Cote d’Azur are provided. The floor-to-ceiling windows inside the apartments allow their owners great views over the turquoise sea of the French Riviera coastline. The grandest accommodation is the 3,300 square meter penthouse with a private infinity pool and water slide costing about 400 million Euros.

The complex, created in the style of the Belle Époque, will also house saunas, swimming pools, spa areas and a chauffeur service.

People from the French neighboring villages are already complaining about the tower, claiming it blocks their views. That’s why for some people it goes by the name Tour “Odious”. Ouch.