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Trendy Bedrooms for Trendy People

Bedrooms are made for more than just sleeping. So while you are in there you might as well love where you are, whether you are working, reading, or …well you know…

The first trend is floral wall art: Flowers like dandelions or colorful flowers, give a feeling of freshness, cleanliness and relaxation. Adopt a print that covers the entire wall behind the headboard of the bed.

Believe it or not, for the color, 50 shades of gray is the new trend. Not only gray, but also whites and blacks of all hues.

Give your bedroom some luxury traits inspired from hotel decorations. “Look for large roomy beds, extravagant, yet universal headboards, bringing in the practical elements such as bedside lighting, table and chairs and large windows to let in a lot of natural light. Look for luxurious hotel designs and not cheap tacky motel style rooms.”

Accent walls can bring out one part of the bedroom that you want to highlight. Also…wallpaper. Yes…wallpaper. No tacky flowers or Hawaiian themes. “Many home designers expect to see this trend finding its way into homes. Using wallpaper is an easy and nonpermanent way to add color, and it allows your bedroom to show a bit of style with various colors and patterns.”

As for the light….keep it soft and natural. Artificial lighting is out, windows are in. Let the light in and when the sun goes down….turn on a lamp.