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Most Futuristic Kitchen Appliances

Imagine waking up in the morning and going to the kitchen for some coffee and breakfast. You sleepily open your fridge and hear a woman’s voice saying, “Good morning!” You turn around to see who is there, but there’s nobody. Then you remember you bought a refrigerator that speaks. 

If you love cooking, the kitchen should be one of your favorite places in your home. Kitchen appliances can help make your cooking and daily entertainment experiences extremely fun. Here are some futuristic appliances you will actually enjoy using. 

There are lots of fridges out on the market with LCD screens, WiFi access and data working ones. Some can track how long your food and beverages have been sitting in the fridge so for instance, you never have to drink spoiled milk again. Need a shopping list? Your fridge will create one for you and share it on your smartphone for easy access at your local grocery store. Could fridges get any cooler? (No pun intended…really.)  

Oh wait, here’s one last one…who says a fridge has to be rectangular? This stainless steel beauty actually fits in the corner, so you can use those spaces instead of leaving them bare or just collecting dust. 

(Photo via Corner Fridge Co.) 

Enough of refrigerators! Are you lazy when it comes to stirring a pot of soup or pasta? Well, now you don’t have to tire your fingers stirring a hot pot, because there are pots that will do the job for you! Self-stirring pots. 

 This past year, ElectroLux Design Lab, a technology/design competition held in Stokholm played with futuristic kitchen design and you won’t believe what they came up with! Global Chef is a kitchen appliance using hologram technology to connect you to the world of other kitchen aficionados just like you. Share recipes, join a cooking class, cook together, and connect through the comfort of your own kitchen. “The user can cook with random people across the globe discovering new culinary experiences, join cooking classes or have dinner parties with long distance friends and family. The product transfers smells, reduces kitchen noise while in use and matches users based on available ingredients placed in a smart bowl that senses the food.”

The concept of the kitchen is changing from just a cooking space to a comprehensive interactive experience. Join in and get cooking!