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A minimalistic approach to interior décor

Be it winter, spring, summer, or fall, it’s always time for an interior makeover. While some seasonal interior trends seem to be overcrowded, we’re taking you through the steps to a timeless trend: a minimalist home. 

Furniture first
Since the furniture is the main part of a room, it’s best to simplify there first. Get rid of excess furniture you don’t need. Black, white, and calm shades are the best choice, but if you must include colors, stick to solids. Mixing and matching colors may seem too crowded.
Only keep the essentials
There’s no need for excess clutter. Old magazines, VHS tapes, and a half-knitted scarf can either be tossed out or put in appropriate places. Minimal rooms usually include simple furniture, and very few striking or decorative items. 
Keep the floor clear
Aside from the essential furniture, the floor should generally be cleared off. The more empty hardwood floor, marble, or carpet visible, the better. Keep in mind, if you’re including a carpet or a rug in the room, the colors shouldn’t clash. Neutral colors and light shades are the best options. 
Minimalize artwork
If you’ve seen a minimalist’s house, you’ve probably realized that they have very few paintings, pictures, and posters hanging on the walls and set on tables. That’s because the main point is to de-clutter as much as possible. Feel free to add calming portraits, black and white photos, and even inspirational quotes. A canvas doesn’t have to be crowded to be brilliant.
All it takes is a few changes and you’re on your way to a simplified lifestyle.