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How to decorate your Sama Beirut apartment

Curves… Light… An apartment in Sama Beirut offers many interesting possibilities to play with when it comes to interior decoration. Interior Design experts at Vive Gallery give some advices for Sama Beirut owners.

As an interior decorator, do you consider the curved apartments in Sama Beirut as a challenge? How do you make the best of this specificity?

Of course it is a challenge. In architecture and interior design differences and features create the basis for beautiful solutions rather than to furnish lame and stereotyped places.

How do you take advantage of the large and high windows?

It is important to have a main idea in ones interior and to have a major choice to follow. What makes the difference between one apartment in a building and another is the major choice the architect has taken and followed. People should do the same in the interior. The main choice in Sama Beirut apartments is this openness, this transparency. It is an asset.

Master bedrooms in the show flat are furnished with few, stylish furniture. Is this sobriety a current trend or is it a choice related to the apartment’s plan?

Every person or couple has a specific view on the space one lives in. Yes it is a trend but not a must to have fewer things. You can have very little and very much in a space and succeed in it. The most important is style. Coherence in style survives the centuries unlike fashion.

The building is extremely modern, would you advise to go for modern furniture? Or do you think it’s ok to stay “traditional” in this modern environment?

This is absolutely to the taste and vision of the person who lives there. Contrasts between contemporary and older styles have been many times great successes. It is interesting to see and old place furnished in contemporary style and the opposite in true. On a personal level, I would rather build and furnish in styles of my own era.

In general, what are the “rising” trends (colors, material) regarding interior decoration?

I would rather stick to style better than trends. Trends can be ephemeral. I always suggest to people who need it to seek the services of professionals, architects, designers… They can help put your ideas and concept in shape and make you avoid errors. Any harmonious interior is agreeable. Harmony is imperative. The colors and material are less important.

Vivre Gallery has furnished the Show Flat of Sama Beirut. What brands were selected?

Beautiful brands delicately harmonized such as:

Baxter, Edra, Riva, Orizzonti, Alivar, Moroso, Vitra, Kartell,…