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Decorate your Christmas tree with a twist

The Holiday Season is here, and inventive, breathtaking ideas are circulating to help you decorate your house. By the way, one of the latest trends for small homes is to hang a tree from the ceiling. It’s an inverted tree, with the base made up and the head made down. Weird, isn’t it? That way, it doesn’t take much space, for sure… However, there’s no space issue in Sama Beirut’s apartments. So, here are three easy (and reasonable) tips that will help you create an original Christmas tree.

Unusual colors

If you’re tired of silver, gold or red decorations, why not introduce different colors such as pastel blue or pink? 

Don’t overdo it, though. :)

Change patterns

To decorate the tree, instead of star or gift pattern, why not innovate with butterflies or roses? 

Pick original figurines

Put a lot of efforts in the choice of the little figurines you will hang on the tree. Let them be funny, original, lovely. This will make the difference.

Instead of the big bright star, put a Santa Claus hat, at the top of the tree. Or a note, reading wishes for the holidays.

In parallel to these tips that take you off the beaten path, stick to some traditions. The contrast will be lovely. You can use lamps and artificial candles to illuminate your tree, or add some pine and oak cones, and cranberry twigs to give the tree a natural appearance.

You can tie strips of satin on some branches of the tree. You can also wrap colored ropes of beads around it.

In conclusion, we wish you a happy holiday season, filled with warmth, love, and peace.