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Why is SAMA BEIRUT the Perfect Retail Space?

We have already told you a lot about SAMA BEIRUT. Why is it the perfect house? Why is it the perfect office? And why is it the most strategic location in central Beirut?

This time, we are going to talk about yet another facet of SAMA BEIRUT. It is SAMA BEIRUT the high end retail space that can host the finest entities.

SAMA BEIRUT, in its ground floor, is designed with only 6 “boutiques”, independent and linked to the tower at once. The architectural design of these six units is conceived to be in complete harmony with the tower’s Saint-Gobain glass fa├žade, neutral to blue in color.  It can host brands and retailers whose image is similar to that of the really unique tower. And this is why it is the perfect retail space:


  • SAMA BEIRUT is a residential / business tower; which means it has its own traffic to supply to the future retailers through both the business facilities and the residential facilities.


  • Incoming traffic to SAMA BEIRUT, means that people coming in and out of the tower will be within the direct potential clientele for those units; as walk ins.


  • The luxury image and prestige of the tower doubles as extra positioning for the brands; creating synergic market strategies for both elements of the equation.


  • The retail units of SAMA BEIRUT are perfectly and smoothly interconnected with the surroundings of the tower, for easy access from within and from outside of the tower.


  • The future customers of the retailer hosted by SAMA BEIRUT will not have to think of parking problems as they come to shop.


  • The boutiques in SAMA BEIRUT will enjoy extra exposure generated from traffic; due to the central location of the tower.


  • An extra advantage comes with the built in design! The boutiques are actually in large part glass boutiques with high ceilings and high quality glass facades that are transparent and trendy.

For more information about the retail units in SAMA BEIRUT, kindly call Prime Consult using the following numbers: 01 - 332 300 or 03 - 259 009