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What Real Estate experts have to say about Sama Beirut

“An iconic project”: This is how real estate experts described Sama Beirut, following their visit to the show flat gathering, on the 25th of April 2016

“It’s something that has to be seen,” said Maha Atallah, a Real Estate consultant and the CEO of AtaBuild Lebanon. “And it’s something to be considered, when you plan to buy an apartment in the neighborhood.

The area is booming now with a lot of projects. However, Sama Beirut is different. It’s really unique.”

Nabil Grebrael (Chairman at Coldwell Banker Lebanon), considered Sama Beirut as a “landmark. It will obviously remain as such, for a very long time.  It’s leading the market here in Lebanon,” he added while visiting the tower.

“Inside the tower, one can experience a very comfortable feeling”, he added, emphasizing on the luminosity in the different rooms of the apartment. “Every corner seems to be lit,” he said.

Another expert, who requested to remain anonymous, stated:

“Sama Beirut offers a ‘curve’ experience that I’ve never seen before. The use of space is extremely efficient” he added, while referring to the curved shape of the tower / apartment he visited.

According to Ahmad al Khatib (Century 21), the quality of the materials and the finishing touches make Sama Beirut definitely a luxurious product.

Maha Atallah totally shared his point of view and added that she would be proud to present this product to her clients. The location is also extremely interesting:

“It’s located in a place where you can walk from one place to the other. More and more people care about this”, she said.

Regarding the main arguments they would use to convince potential buyers to purchase an apartment in Sama Beirut, all the professionals agreed on one thing: Now it is the right time to buy.  

“You have to be ready for later. As soon as the situation stabilizes, which will eventually happen, prices in the Real Estate sector will rise again”, they said.

“Sama Beirut is a good investment for the future”, Nabil Gebrael stated. “It’s a secured investment, with a group you can trust.”

Maha Atallah put the stress on the fact that this product is also very interesting for people living abroad: “It’s definitely something to consider when you’re looking for a pied-a-terre in Beirut, or when you’re planning your future come-back to Lebanon. People will definitely come back when they feel that the situation is getting better”.