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Six Reasons why an Office at SAMA BEIRUT is a Perfect Choice

Every smart corporation knows that location and business environment are very important to their productivity and public image. This is why, most modern companies, especially those in frequent direct contact with their clients, tend to select a prestigious location for their image, and an excellent business facility to preserve their productivity and smooth internal flow.


SAMA BEIRUT, as a building that observes centrality of positioning, and excellence of design as two of its main pillar characteristics, provides modern businesses with their demand and responds perfectly to their needs in terms of location and positioning.


Below, are six reasons why your business would love SAMA BEIRUT:


  1. Centrality of location: At Sodeco, SAMA BEIRUT is literally at the heart of Beirut. Close to every vibrant place at once, such as Achrafieh and Downtown, it can save you and your clients a lot of time wasted in traffic.


  1. Image and prestige: Thinking of your business’ image and prestige? Being positioned in the luxurious office facilities of SAMA BEIRUT puts your business amidst the luxury landscape immediately, locally and internationally as the tower is the landmark of Lebanon’s real estate market scene. Writing SAMA BEIRUT on your business card is an address by itself.


  1. Business environment: SAMA BEIRUT offices feature perfect connections among each other, luxurious common spaces, lounges, excellent designs, and appealing facilities; allowing for a perfect space where businesses can thrive.


4.General environment: At the heart of an area with many recreational facilities, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and retail spaces (including in the project itself); your business will be positioned somewhere where everything your employees and clients might need.


5.Parking: The last problem you will ever have to think of, is that of parking spaces. SAMA BEIRUT underground parking spaces can accommodate up to 700 parking spots for your business and clients.


6.Amenities: With separate entrances for residential and business floors, luxurious elevators and welcoming receptions; SAMA BEIRUT takes care of the details usually businesses have to think of themselves. Moreover, you will enjoy the opportunity of using the luxurious 1000m2 club-spa, the common drivers’ room as well as the multifunctional room!



We cannot wait to welcome you and your business at SAMA BEIRUT!

For more details about our offices, call Prime Consult: +961 1 332 300.