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Sama Beirut: Business attraction

Thinking about opening a new office in Beirut but don’t know where?

Sama Beirut is Ashrafieh’s newest gem. It is the tallest building in Lebanon, equipped with facilities for both residents and offices. The tower is located in the heart of this modern, yet traditional neighborhood, one of the most vivid cultural and business hub in the city.

Beside Sama are a number of banks that are only a walking distance away. These banks will make it easier for businesses who want to seek out loans, pay their employees, or get financial assistance of any kind. A least seven bank institutions are located within the area.

Sama is situated 5 minutes away from the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance is an important entity, especially for businesses who are required to answer and refer to it when it comes to handling their financial affairs. To do so, having to cross only a couple of streets will surely make your life easier. 

Businesses with foreign employees or seeking to employ foreigners might also make use of the nearby building of General Security : Its close proximity might come in handy when having to deal with the documents of foreign employees and clients.

But what is a business without business meetings? Sama is only few streets away from high end restaurants :  you can cater to your clients’ tastes without having to leave the area.

Sodeco Square Center is also one of the important landmarks of the area. The center includes coffee shops where a brief meeting with a client can be held or even where one can take a break from all the hustle and bustle of work and have a nice cup of coffee. The majority of those coffee shops offer wifi connection : A nice way to disconnect from the tension of work… without being fully disconnected.