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Luxury is in the air

Are you planning your next business trip? For your information, here are the latest news on first-class flying.

Luxury airliners are raising the bar of luxury air travel with newly designed aircrafts and polishing their images to appear as irresistible as possible.

Singapore Airlines started the trend last year and now Etihad Airways is following suit. Etihad stepped up the game in airline luxury with its brand new passenger jets called Dreamliners, coming out in October 2014. The most luxurious of its kind, this commercial airbus is a first-class flier’s dream come true.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who will get to fly on this sky-hotel, you will be welcomed into a three-room suite with a living room, double bedroom and shower as well as have access to your own personal butler who will be at your every whim.  Don’t forget the delicious gourmet food, that beats the old sodium-filled carb-loaded regular airline food any day!  

Usually a long and gruelling flight to get through, the passage from the Middle East to the United States will be a piece of cake while sleeping in your own little space in the sky. Each room comes equipped with a closet space, TV, minibar, and small table to put your personal items.

According to an article on Mashable, “Peter Baumgartner, Etihad's chief commercial officer, told the AP a suite will likely cost about three or four times as much as a regular first-class seat. That would be about $21,000 for a one-way ticket from Abu Dhabi to London.” If you have the cash to spare, then a flight like this could be yours.

In Asiana, a Korean-based airline, they’ve decided to create small cubicles as seating, so that each passenger has his own little private spot on the aircraft. Imagine all the selfies you could take without being bothered or getting strange looks.

If you’re a fan of Air France, they are altering their cabins by providing some details to add some more comfort to your flight. More legroom, and storage room for your personal items. Simplicity goes a long way here.

Like a domino effect, the trend of luxurization will continue and you’ll have many more options at your feet. The question is… Which airline would you choose?