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Lebanese Pride

“If Lebanon was not my country, I would have chosen Lebanon to be my country.”
-Khalil Gibran

Why invest and live in Lebanon, you ask? We’ve compiled a few insightful quotes from high-end Lebanese citizens and visitors that will uncover the patriotic spirit in you, regardless of the chaos you might believe Lebanon is attracted to. 

While Mr. Gordon Campbell may have been reluctant to open a hotel in Beirut, his love for the city goes to show he doesn’t regret his decision. If opening a hotel here isn’t enough to show he cares about the place, take a look at how he treats his employees.  
“Beirut is about immediacy. It’s about people living every day. Unless you’ve lived in other cities, you don’t realize how important that is. So I think it’s a great sense of fun and I never want to leave when I’m going back to London. Beirut is definitely sexy, damaged, exciting, beguiling, it’s a mixture of all of that. 
-Gordon Campbell Gray, the founder and Chairman of CampbellGray Hotels. 

Although he chose to expand into the United Arab Emirates, his pride in Lebanon will never fade. 
“I think investing in Lebanon in real estate is still the safest and most interesting place. Especially that we are Lebanese and we know the mentality, the people. It is much easier to navigate the construction field [in Lebanon] than anywhere else in the world.”
-Fady Antonios, CEO and chairman of the Board of Antonios Projects 

Ignore the negative aspects of the country. Positivity will overrule and a certain bond will form between you and your country.
“I would say even though the term today is not very popular, love the country and love the culture in which you are in. And try to learn about its strengths, don’t focus on the weaknesses, and make sure that all the people you are transferring with you are of the same opinion.”
 “If you have to work and particularly do something significant in a country it is much easier if somehow you connected with the country and you like the country and you respect the people and you are curious about the culture.”
-Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault and Nissan

The majestic color and culture of the city can be seen threaded through the elegant pieces of this world renowned fashion designer. 
“Lebanese people, childhood memories, smells, traditions, and so many other factors have affected my imagination. Nature and landscape, where tones and colors blend to create wonderful sceneries throughout the year, serve as a great source of inspiration for me. The natural vibrancy of the city creates the most unique and unparalleled sceneries I’ve ever seen. The fusion of a cosmopolitan European know-how and a rich Middle Eastern cultural heritage are ever present within the lifestyle here. But most importantly, elegance is a Lebanese lifestyle. Everybody is into fashion and on trend and women are beautiful and so stylish, so it comes as no surprise that every season my collections celebrate feminine beauty.”
- Zuhair Murad, a world renowned fashion designer

While she may have been raised in a more Mexican cultural surrounding, the beautiful and talented Salma Hayek, even plans on visiting Lebanon someday. 
“I feel very Lebanese…every time I’m going to go to Lebanon, something happens. I think it’s because I’m meant to go there in a very special time. I was going to go now in May and then I can’t, but my husband has promised me that he’s going to take me and I will.”
-Salma Hayek, Lebanese-Mexican actress